I’m Renato Pequito, a Portuguese designer / illustrator / photographer / dad hailing from the rainy shores of Cardiff, Wales.

Currently working Just resigned as the lead designer at a local company, where I’m in charge of both print & web work, to pursue my own place in the industry. This happened 4 years ago, I am now the co-founder of Haum, a small design agency that I run from home with my lovely wife Rita.

Having worked in design for the past 9 years in different places whilst freelancing and illustrating I have made my mission to carve my own way and to approach the creative industry differently.

Would love to show you what I do but have made the decision of switching my portfolio site for a blog, I felt there needs to be a place where I can elaborate some rants on everything that’s design and comes this way. And to be completely honest, when 4 years ago I would not believe people who would come up to me and say that they didn’t have time, I can relate to that in so many levels which is why with everything that is on the table I haven’t been able to put together a portfolio website for the agency or myself.

Saying that, you can always check on what I’ve worked on both recently and a while back:

– www.behance.net/kyanos/
– www.dribbble.com/kyanos/