Oh… Hi! I’m back!

All it took was a comment my mom made a month ago and a dream job opportunity to realise that I haven’t been writing on here for a few years (shame! shame! shame!).

I tried to think about why that happened and here’s a list, without any kind of order:

– Mad procrastination
– New business development
– Little people in our life
– New baby (read the one above)
– Got married
– Work

I was going to fill up the list above with a bit more but as I had to think too much to find more items I will deem the above enough reasons for not being around. That’s not good enough.
I first started this blog so I could vent some steam, share my opinions and have a recurring way of writing. Writing is great, this guy thinks so and so does this gal and this one. They are all in agreement. And all on Medium… but I won’t be there for a while. I want my privacy and my own space right here. And also, not making it too serious that it becomes a chore.

As 2017 reaches its end, and despite me being as busy as I’ve ever been, I feel like I haven’t achieved much this year, so with everything said above I will try to get back to writing to test out if it will improve my productivity for 2018 and make me a better person, husband and dad.

I will see you pretty soon!