Holiday deliveries

On holiday with the family. With a mission. To deliver as many wedding invitations in person as we could. These are no holidays. It’s nothing short of a rally.

It all started with the meal tastings. The day right after we arrived. Felt like we were back in Wales with all the clouds & drizzle. As soon as we got to the venue. None. The sun came out. And we managed to eat a village portion of food. We had about 6 different dishes to try. Not bad. It was funny looking at everyone’s faces after the 3rd dish arrived. 

We then realised that apart from wishing that this day would come fast so that we could eat our weight in food we actually didn’t plan nothing of the wedding in detail. That meant we had to go back to HQ and do it. Still felt like we didn’t really plan that much. We returned to the venue. And it was surprisingly easy to sort out. Long though. Most things are now sorted. 

In the meantime we ate a really nice pizza here. Grabbed a few pastries here and here. Went to sunny Sesimbra. Ate right by the beach. That did feel like we were on holiday. Even the waiters looked like they were on holiday. Must have spent around 3 hours on that restaurant. Fish wasn’t that good. Should have gone to the usual place. You should go there. Not the restaurant. The beach. Pretty good there. Gutted we had to go.

Then the invite mission started. It’s been great to see old faces. Re-introduce everyone to Rai. Some awkward moments with long lost aunts. Plenty of driving about. Lots of dead bugs found eternal peace on our windshield. That should be made into a slogan.

Bought a car track ‘for Rai’. Got the whole wedding process paperwork out of the way. Almost forgot to do it. More driving through empty motorways. Stopped at a supermarket and got a pancake flavoured chocolate. How awesome does that sound?

We’re now in sunny Alentejo surrounded by yellow & purple fields, rosemary bushes, dogs & cows. Drove through a place called hope. Looked at the temperature outside. 37C. Mad. Right? Went to Spain for galletas. Wafers. What else? Not that great ones to be honest but they remind me of my grandparents and that’s always a good thing.

Came back. Ate a few of them. Practiced Kendo barefoot on scorching stone. With a broom stick. It was weird. Specially as a few locals looked at me with funny eyes. Oh well… City folk. They all think we’re mad anyway. They don’t even know me. So we’re cool. Made pizza. My best dough so far. Saw baby ducks. Baby turkeys. Baby chicken. A mule. And a massive wasp. I don’t like wasps. At all. Watched a toy RC car being repeatedly banged against walls by a 2 year old. Wasn’t that much fun to be honest. But the fact that ants scare him is both sweet and funny.

Tomorrow we’re heading to the other side of Portalegre to see more aunties and cousins. This time my part of the family. Should be great.

Best of all. I have a tan line. AWESOME!