Walked 500 miles… or similar.

Bit of an uneventful end of week. Still committed to cycling instead of driving short distances. Not bad. Oh and also got a Chromecast. Replacing the PS3 for the time being, which is a good thing.

And learnt that Hip Hop is for hippos. Makes sense. Thanks son.

Weekend was golden. Missed Kendo practice though. Which means I woke up late. Rad! Baked waffles instead and dipped ’em on Nutella.

Went for a walk. Saw dinos, rocks and a huge shark. Nothing like free museums. Had a pop up tea party in the surrounded by those cool dinos, astronauts & fish. Helped put a skeleton together. A foamy one. And a mummy too.

Witnessed a murder. I can point out the kid who planted the bug on that plant. Wish I’d done it. The national science & engineering week had some pretty cool events going on.

Ate Cuban food. Well… sort of Cuban food. Not too bad but too expensive. Really good ceviche. Have to start making mine. That Blue Moon beer isn’t that nice.

Went to the library. With lots of toy shop stops and a big tantrum because of those. Why do we make it so easy? The kids library spot is awesome.

Finally got the little man to cycle round the block on his strider. Until he said ‘HOME’. Dropped it. Ran back. I carried it.

Next day. Went to Techniquest. Got soaked on the way there. Stopped at Starbucks. Got ripped off on really average cookies. Got Rai & Rita to bake a much better batch later on.

Saw a poster I designed. Met a man who smelled like basil & wanted me to fill out a survey about the national science & engineering week whilst the little man was playing as a dam builder/natural catastrophe doer. Should have asked the man where he gets his basil perfume from.

Proceeded to explore, jump, yell, touch, play, race, among many other things. Beated mr Masterchef, Dale Williams, on the pedal powered bicycle generator. Awesome time there. Still wearing my Techniquest armband in the hopes it will last until the next weekend to do it all over again.

Massive walk home. Walked 500 miles… or similar. Did get the train though. Sun was shining. Wind was being a pain. I was being a silly daddy. Apparently. I guess I’m not as silly as that bloke facetiming whilst riding a bike. On city road. That made me laugh.

Bought some very misleadinlgy priced pitta bread. Massive too. Made a soup. Ate the bread. Loved it. (Get some olive oil on top, some coarse salt & grill it for 5 mins in the oven. Better than crisps.)

Ended up writing this whilst I should have been designing some icons for a restaurant. Oh well… Guess it’s time for a home baked choc chip cookie. Rock on.