Windy rides & feta galore

1am. Early shuffle to the sofa.

Same old breakfast. No pancakes today. Nor waffles. Had a meeting later on.

Cycled to the meeting. Windy. Very windy. So much so I didn’t feel like I was moving at all. Was on a familiar old building at the bay. Better looking office than the one I used to work at. And good cup of coffee. Thanks Ben.

Got out with a good feeling about the whole thing. Got to the bike. Had an awkward conversation with former boss. Weird how people change.

Cycled home. Through mini whirlwinds. Teeth full of grit.

Why does City road feel so hard to ride on the way back? Found a dragon on the dining table. Blew into it. Got fire moving.

Had lunch. Ate cake. Saw trains. And Lego.

Went to soft play. He didn’t last that long. Had a bit of a rest in the car. Got to soft play. Went on a sort of a VERY slow go-kart. But it was a quad bike. He drove. I pushed the pedal. We rocked. Even had a bump. Hell yeah!

Also went on a mega slide. Not sure if it’s the age but my bum doesn’t seem to be as ‘slidy’ as when I was younger. The sad truth of growing up.

Quick soup. Bathed a very active boy. Rushed to Kendo. Not a bad session either. Nothing special from me at practice, managed to get one ippon but that was it. Need to get a new shinai for the Honda sensei seminar. I did get 2 cooking books from sensei, thanks Frank! Also got a pint of coke & a name for this here diary, my ‘rant recordings’. Cheers Gareth! And finally I got a massive tub of feta cheese, a bit of ouzo and some oregano. Thanks George. Probably the best Kendo evening so far.

Got home pretty late thinking Rita was asleep but wide awake watching girly movies. Ate a toblerone & half a lion bar. Ended up watching big bang theory. 1am. Bed.