Cabbage patch lady

6.30am. Awake & up at ’em. Planes that is. And porridge. Wonder if his porridge has some sort of highly addictive substance. Keeps asking for more. Banana weetabix for me. Thank you.

Got the bike out. He wanted me to drive. Got on the bike. Happy as Larry. Even helped me get to the nursery faster. Lots of holes though. Got there quick. Happy boy going in. Not very happy seeing me go out. I guess that is part of our routine by now.

Washed some clothes. Worked on stationery. Had to search through stock photo libraries. Hate that. Must be the most infuriating, sleep inducing & ridiculous way to spend a morning. Looking for Fun Food gave me this & this. Can’t really say that it isn’t funny, in fact I burst out laughing. Not productive though. The damn thing is full of shots like these. Who buys them?? Who cares? Sun is out. I love the sun.

Quick lunch. Pizza leftover with my super lady. She had the pataniscas. Watched a quick netlfix series. Playstation died. Again. It’s starting to sound like a greek tragedy. Paul won’t be happy.

More work. Accountant. Procrastinated. A lot. Got ready for a meeting tomorrow. Time to go get the little man. Packed up on the fruit jelly. Got the bike. Saw a big bloke riding a bike. He shouldn’t be riding. No helmet. Big headphones. Almost caused a crash. Went on the sidewalk. Pffft.

Got to nursery. Had a big hug. Loved it. We sat down by the bike eating jelly. Tried to ask him how his day was. No luck. All he wanted to talk was jelly and bushes. Got on the bike. Hit some holes. Counted cars. Flew by the car queues. Got home. Cycling is awesome.

Spoke to Ruben. Drew a very ugly James (train). ‘Helped’ with bath time. Helped with brushing teeth. Offered to wash his foamy mouth. Did it. Super rage time. ‘No daddy! NOOOOO!!!’ Guess it was mum’s turn to put him to bed. (It really was mine but… oh well!)

Washed the dishes instead. Fried some eggs with sausage & asparagus. Watched The Gilded Cage. Laughed. I know lots of people like that.

Mondays, huh?