Sunny Sunday out and about

Woke up to a 2 & 1/2 year old knocking at his own door. It was 5 in the morning. Traded places with him and moved to the sofa. Too early to think about him not being allowed to sleep in our bed.

Heard plastic trains banging on the table next to me. Woke up. Got 2 extra sleep hours. ‘Cooked’ breakfast. Porridge, toast & latte. And a few smiles.

No tantrums so far. Sun was shining. Life is good.

Started on the pataniscas (ours were courgette & mozzarella) for our day out. He made a soup. And washed trains.

Plans changed, no more forest trip. Bath it is. Meet new friends & see some old ones.

Paul came and picked the playstation to fix the USB bit. He’s an awesome guy that Paul. Thanks Paul.

Drove to Bath. Learnt that White Lion chocolate bar isn’t veggie after all. Gutted.

Parked right next to town’s centre. Who’d know? Parking’s free on Sundays. Right on. Proceeded to bake in the car for an extra 30 mins whilst looking at a very lovely girl. I’m engaged to her. Sun was still shining. Lucky bastard, right?

Had a picnic, saw a squirrel & played football. The pataniscas were good, should make it more often.

Little man is starting to actually understand what a ball is for and even stops it like a pro. Well as much as a 2 year old pro can stop a ball.

Noticed that I was wearing the wrong trousers, the ones with a big hole right in the crotch due to cycling. Then thought… who cares?

Met Sacha & Emily. Lovely French couple living in Japan. I want to live there. Always did. Always will. Sweet potato ice cream does that to you.

Anyway… Sacha & Emily shared cake and that’s the mark of coolness. They were visiting our friends Ana & Davide, funnily enough I knew who Sacha was already but didn’t know it. Sent him a few emails about moving to Japan a few years back. He’s also a designer and a damn good one too.

Walked about, saw the crescent, awesome mini golf course and a lovely bakery & shop, shame it was already closed, was stocked full of nice things too. Also missed on visiting Colonna & Smalls but I bet we’ll be back soon.

Got to the train station, Sacha & Emily went to London. Rai wanted to see a train and tried a few runs, no luck. Felt bad for him as he got upset but nothing some fruit jelly bears didn’t solve. Tried to find the Bertinet Kitchen, got to Café Nero instead. Quick wee and we were done with Bath.

Back home. Built a plane. Got a pizza. Took a bath with plenty of bubbles. Got the playstation. Boom. A sunny Sunday. Great day!