Not your iOS7 lover here

Ever since I bought my first ever Apple product, an iBook in the long forgotten year of 2004, I instantly became a fan of their products (not all of them mind).

In fact I can’t see myself using any other PC to get my work done, not only because I am a designer and they have always been linked to our line of work but because it works & looks really good.

The iPhone has never been an exception, I also own one and am really happy with it. But ever since the last big launch I wanted to write something about the new iOS7 looks, why did Apple gone flat and did it so badly?! Granted it is trendy and done well it is really nice, I actually really like the philosophy of it. Hell! I even started using Sketch for all my web work but it feels like the Cupertino boys & gals just jumped in the bandwagon for the sake of it, perhaps to follow Microsoft’s dominance on the aesthetics (it hurts to say but they actually do it nicely) or to be part of the cool kids and just follow the trend?

Either way, after those initial impressions and after playing with it for a bit I wasn’t impressed. At all. The UI feels rushed, there are some accessibility issues and those icons… THOSE ICONS!!! They just look… Not very nice. Too cheap, bright & soulless. Not all of them will be like this as you can see here on dribbble, which gives me hope for using iOS7 in the future, but the ones that come pre-packed with the OS definitely make me shudder.

Never been completely in love of the skeuomorphism design stye that Ive had introduced before but it did work and gelled nicely with the device. I guess this does tell me that with time iOS7 might sink in after we all get to see some good examples but so far everything that is currently out there seems so… meh! Evolution, eh? Nothing wrong with the OS as a concept but a bit of planning wouldn’t hurt in my opinion, it just looks unfinished to me.

Can’t really talk much about iOS7’s UX strategy as it does bring some very nifty actions to the overall user experience, despite the issues mentioned above, but not enough to make me want to upgrade.

I guess that not all that shines is gold, at least for now.