A smallholding as the catalyst

For as long as Rita and I have been together we have shared a dream to run a smallholding of our own, a place where we could be self sustainable and live our life that way. It took me a while to learn that word, I have always referred to it as a little self-sustaining farm but smallholding makes sense and is quicker to say too. One of our many things to tick on our bucket-list.

When we started thinking about it we were already deep into design, that we love doing and to be honest we live it, there isn’t a moment or even a decision where design doesn’t come into our minds.

We both have started the same way, have studied together, moved to the UK together, graduated together and even worked together at the same company. Until we decided to open our own business, one of our new year resolutions and took charge of Haum.

At first our plan was to be a design business that, like so many others, worked with other micro to small businesses to help them grow. Until the day after we had some great advice on where we could drive Haum forward, we thought: “Hell! We can couple both of our dreams together. We know we lack the skills to run a smallholding right now but we do have plenty of skills to help other food businesses thrive. There is no one else out there doing it and it would be a great challenge. A fun one too!”

So here we are, it is quite exciting to be able to work in an industry that provides us with one of the things we love the most… Food! We are just starting out, more information about our business will come soon but we already know that this is the right path for us.

Market stall vendors, restaurants, farmers, food retailers, food artisan, chocolate makers, cupcake bakers, bread provers, anything to do with good food we are here for you and would love to hear from you.

That self-sustainable dream is still very much alive, we like to think that this is a chance to get the best out of both dreams in one big adventure. Something very close to our hearts and everything we put our hearts into we live it. The opportunity of helping & working close with people that share the same ideals as we do only makes it better. We created Haum to supply the best design product, be it a full brand from logo design to a website.

The good thing about it is that we want to remain small, we see that as an asset. You get to deal with both of us on all matters, as designers, researchers and consultants. We care about good people, their products and their clients.

On today’s market if you don’t build a good brand, something that is unique to your business and stand out, then you will find it pretty hard to push your product out there. We can help.

If you ever need advice, a helping hand, someone to taste your products or a good chat about design & food you can find us on twitter as @madeathaum or please feel free to send me an email and I will get back to you pretty quickly at renato@madeathaum.com.