Driving on with a stroller

Just arrived home from a (surprisingly) quick walk around Roath to get our one year old little man to sleep. When you get to parenthood you will find different little habits to get your way, put him on a stroller for a bit and he eventually dozes off (well, most times he does). Here he is:

Always on the move, never still. How we like him to be.

It’s funny how children come in all different personality types, turning into a dad was quite the shock, I was expecting it to be hard but not a constant sense of needing, urgency, joy, panic, tiredness, frustration and smiling. Wouldn’t do it any other way. It’s great to see your child grow and discover his own raw personality, how it affects his behaviour and distinguishes from any other little man or lady.

Today I stayed home to look after him, as he got a mild case of conjunctivitis and the poor little mite is pretty much on edge. I have a lot of respect for my, soon to be, wife as for the past two years she has had to stay at home caring for him whilst I was in work and barely had time to do anything at all.

It’s a difficult task to try to get some work when your child can’t stay still for more than 20 seconds. But this also puts things in perspective, for instance how can this little guy do it? For the past 4 months he has barely been eating lunch or dinner, not sleeping that much during the day, but he’s always at it. Looking for stuff to do, throwing stuff around, painting walls, trying to snatch the iPad, jumping up and down, climbing random objects, going up the stairs and so on… The list could carry on for much longer than this!

How does he do it? During our walk I start thinking about that, about how I would love to have as much drive as he does, I don’t think it’s a case of having unlimited amounts of energy but having a goal (or on his case a multitude of them), as soon as you identify that goal our brain works towards it and starts placing all your energy and mind power to achieve it. Haum is definitely starting out like that, can’t count the times I get home and start planning the next step, where to go, what to do and who to meet. Preparation sure is exciting but can’t wait to get out there to start creating and helping people with solutions. This is a great incentive to get out of your bum and do something!

My son is inspiring.