No more static web presence

Ever since I launched my website a few years ago I always had some discomfort on thinking that, due to the static way I coded it, it wasn’t going to be easily updatable, would only act as a quick (and old) showcase and as a signposting website.

From the start of this year I’ve been witnessing a rise of minimal blogs which have really been appealing to my own needs. I don’t know if this is a mental age thing or not but I really want to start writing a bit more, people like Trent Walton, Joshua Hernby, Cole Peters, Mark Boulton,  Mark Collins & many more that are increasingly converting/starting to dedicate more to thoughts and throwing them out there. I find these people awe inspiring and enjoy reading the thought process, also a bit about each one’s individuality.

I have noticed that I tend to think better whenever I talk with someone or write about whatever needs thinking. Or by even standing in the shower or whilst doing the washing up. Haven’t found any benefit in trying to force the old brain into it, never really achieves nothing. Meng To has got it right when he talks about using writing to be a better designer and this is something to follow up on as every designer needs to reflect on what it is that’s being done. That’s something I tend not to do, as many designers working on a fast pace commercial agency know very well that it is all about churning work.

To make pearls, you’ve got to eat dirt.

Frank Chimero

Always heard that with change comes opportunity, after my last day on my current job (didn’t you hear? I’m starting a new adventure!) this is something that I will embrace. I want you to know who I am. Although if you follow me on twitter – @kyanos you probably already know me.